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How Much Does it Cost to Clean a 2 Bedroom Apartment

Deep cleaning services can be used for a variety of occasions. Since it is a one-off cleaning session, people often use it to have their homes deep cleaned for birthday parties, family gatherings or when they move out/in. Many people book deep cleaning as spring cleaning, too.

costs to clean a 2 bedroom apartment

Woman cleaning the house

Deep cleaning can be a stressful time even for those who love cleaning and organising.

When people do not want to forfeit their security deposit, they think it is worth calling in expert cleaners to help get the property looking pristine. When you need a thorough cleaning, booking deep cleaning services is your best option.

Whichever your case is, it is a good idea to know how much deep cleaning service costs before you decide to set up an appointment so you can budget for it ahead of time. Let us help you get an idea what housekeepers charge for such type of job.

Deep cleaning prices depend on a few factors, such as:

  • The type of property (house, flat)
  • The number of rooms in your home and their condition
  • The task you want done
  • How much work is involved for the housekeeper (you may want them to clean just a particular room or the entire property)

In the UK the average cost to book a professional deep cleaning service ranges from £31 to £63. The average hourly cost for a deep cleaning is £18.

Please note that additional services such as cleaning the windows or washing and folding laundry will add to the final cost. A lot of cleaning agencies offer discounts and package deals.