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How much does an end of tenancy cleaning cost in Chelsea

If you are about to move out of your rental soon, you may be wondering “How much does an end of tenancy cleaning service cost”? Let’s explain what end of tenancy cleaning is. In short, end of tenancy cleaning or move-out cleaning is the process of having your rental professionally cleaned before you vacate it for the future tenants. It is a good fortune that there are many cleaning companies that specialise in the provision of such services. Read More

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

What if we tell you that cleaning your home does not always have to be an overwhelming task? Let us help you tackle the chores quickly, yet efficiently. Try to get rid of any visible clutter that simply does not belong in the room or find a new place for it. You can save those items behind closed doors for another day in order to facilitate your cleaning routine. Decluttering makes deep cleaning so much easier and seeing all the tidy areas can even boost your mood and motivation to not give up.
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How to Clean an Oven Quickly

No doubt, if using the right tools, cleaning the oven can be painless. You have deep cleaned your whole kitchen, but your dirty oven is still there mocking at you? We have all been there. Grease and pieces of burnt food in your oven can unfortunately absorb the heat and make your appliance function not at its optimal capacity. Keeping your oven glass clear also helps you take a sneak peek at your tasty meals.
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How Much Does it Cost to Clean a 2 Bedroom Apartment

Deep cleaning services can be used for a variety of occasions. Since it is a one-off cleaning session, people often use it to have their homes deep cleaned for birthday parties, family gatherings or when they move out/in. Many people book deep cleaning as spring cleaning, too. Deep cleaning can be a stressful time even for those who love cleaning and organising. When people do not want to forfeit their security deposit, they think it is worth calling in expert cleaners to help get the property looking pristine. When you need a thorough cleaning, booking deep cleaning services is your best option.
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What do You Have to Clean When You Move out

Are you excited about your new, cosy home? Of course, you are! But do not forget that you have a few more obligations associated with your old house first. The move-out cleaning it is! Some tenants do not pay enough attention to the small details of moving out of their rentals when they move house, but most leases stipulate, that before handing over the property, you are obliged to leave the property in as good or better condition as stated in the move-in report or risk forfeiting your security deposit.
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What is a Professional House Cleaning Checklist

Who doesn’t want to live in a clean and hygienic home? Keeping your home neat and tidy creates a special feeling of harmony, peace and safety.

Sometimes, however, keeping your place in a good condition can be totally daunting. Or if you come across dust, grime and cobwebs, you can totally forget about the aforementioned special feelings. We understand it.
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What is the Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Are you sick and tired of doing the numerous household chores in the little free time that you have? Are you ready to book a professional cleaning service? The truth is that expert housekeepers do bring a few benefits.

Of course, prior to resorting to booking such a service, there are a few things you have to familiarise yourself with. One major thing is to learn the difference between a deep clean and regular clean. Have you rolled up your sleeves?
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What can landlord deduct from deposit UK

If you are a tenant, then you have most likely been wondering what your landlord can deduct from your deposit. Before signing any contracts and before moving out of the rental, you need to know that landlords should only keep money from your security deposit if you have caused them financial loss.

The security deposit is the money you pre-pay before you move into a rental. Your landlord must provide evidence of the costs if they decide to deduct money from the deposit.
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