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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

What if we tell you that cleaning your home does not always have to be an overwhelming task? Let us help you tackle the chores quickly, yet efficiently.

Declutter Before Cleaning

Try to get rid of any visible clutter that simply does not belong in the room or find a new place for it. You can save those items behind closed doors for another day in order to facilitate your cleaning routine. Decluttering makes deep cleaning so much easier and seeing all the tidy areas can even boost your mood and motivation to not give up.

Start High, Go Low

This is the golden rule! Tackle hard-to-reach surfaces first and then go low. You can start with ceilings, light fixtures, walls, and the baseboards. A clean microfiber cloth and a duster with a telescoping handle will be your friends in tackling those areas.

The best part is that these tools can also be used to get behind furniture without you having to move the pieces. Unfortunately, surfaces that are closer to the floor tend to accumulate dirt and dust, so you can simply use warm water mixed with a drop of dish soap. This simple recipe works miracles.

Clean the Windows

Do you remember the last time you had your windows cleaned? Well, it is high time you rolled up your sleeves. Vacuum the sills and tracks first and then use a glass cleaner to clean the window. Let the cleaner sit for a minute and then squeegee it off.

Remove Dust

Wipe all hard surfaces using polish and furniture cleaner and a cloth. You will have to this regularly if you want to live in a dust-free home.

Deep Clean All Floors

If you want to do this the right way, unfortunately, you will have to move the pieces of furniture. In order to make the moving easier, you can simply put furniture slides under the legs of big pieces (thank us later).

Use your vacuum’s crevice tool to get at the dust and dirt in corners. If you have carpets, now is the best time of the year to rent a professional-grade cleaner. In case you have children and/or domestic pets, investing in your own is even better. If you have a hard floor, you can clean it using a microfiber mop and the right cleaner for that type of surface.